Chasing Tigers

An innocent Christmas party led a World War II veteran’s daughter on a journey to discover the stories of the brave men who served in America’s notorious Flying Tigers.

Loren Falls has worked for almost two decades, dedicating herself to finding and documenting these men’s personal stories to better understand the father she lost. Collecting letters, interviews, donated pictures, and correspondence with the men and their families, Loren has realized the need to spread not only her father’s story, but the men of the Flying Tigers.

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From the Film

Men from the Flying Tigers at Sloppy Joe's Bar in Havana, Cuba

From left to right:

  1. Harry Van Cleave, Navigator
  2. Joe Battin, Radio operator, gunner, poet, and opera fan
  3. Tom Fancher, Father, airplane commander, 1st pilot
  4. Art Lambert, Gunner (top turret)
  5. Tim “Tip” Tippary, Co-pilot

Tom Fancher was holding the “stick” and trying to get the lift up. They flew to the Hospital ... it was really bloody.

Tom Fancher

Father, airplane commander, 1st pilot

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I remember a particularly horrendous gas haul mission over the “Hump”. We were all dead tired and seared - white knuckle time! I was fiddling with my radio, and suddenly I picked up an armed forces broadcast. Jo Stafford, was singing “I’ll Be Seeing You,”. I switched over to intercom and got the crew listening, and it was like magic how we all calmed down and lost ourselves in the music. Nothing could happen to us now!

Joe Battin

Radio operator, gunner, poet, and opera fan

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…we had nothing out in the east at the end of the line. Stilwell only gave Chennault what he thought he’ll have then, the rest for Burma and his troops. I never saw PX supplies, lived off the land period. Everything came from the Chinese. I asked for a jeep. When it finally arrived it was stripped of everything that could be taken off. I wrote my wife everyday on toilet paper - it was stiff rice paper.

George Hightower

Warner Robbins historian and officer under Chennault

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I became one of the first thousand officers in the organization that eventually grew to be the three-million-man Army Air Forces of World War II.

Claire Lee Chennault

Tactical genius, organizational outcast, General for China - Burma - India Theater

Meet the Filmmakers.

Loren Fancher Falls

Loren Fancher Falls


Mark Falls

Mark Falls



Tom Roche

Motion Graphics and VFX

Eric Carros

Stephen DeLorme

Saif Khan

Ben Matthews

Campaign and PR

Sarah Woods-Whitman

Zoe Taylor

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